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AP Column – Citizen Legislature...

AP Column – Citizen Legislature comes with hefty taxpayer tab

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 25, 2012

Citizen Legislature comes with hefty taxpayer tab

Just like any business or state agency, the Mississippi Legislature needs supplies, staff and equipment to operate. Lawmakers need coffee to jump-start the day.

From April 12, 2011 to May 3 of this year, it took $22,056 of coffee and $13,406 of bottled water to wet the whistles of legislators, staff members and just about any member of the public who wandered through the Capitol.

Lawmakers also spent $2,600 with Magnolia Clipping Service to see what their hometown papers were writing about them. Other costs involve computer system upkeep, including lawmakers’ laptops; printing supplies; and similar expenses.

Jack Elliott Jr.

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