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MS Delta native Morgan Freeman donates...

MS Delta native Morgan Freeman donates $1,000,000 to Obama superPAC

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 19, 2012

Morgan Freeman donates $1 million to pro-Obama ‘super PAC’

Freeman urged others to follow his lead with their own donations, saying the money was needed to combat the financial resources of Obama’s opponents.

“President Obama has done a remarkable job in terrible circumstances,” he said in a statement. “He has ended combat operations in Iraq, put in place sensible reforms of Wall Street, saved the auto industry and protected the healthcare of every American with a preexisting condition. He has recognized the full equality of all our brothers and sisters and placed impressive, accomplished women on the Supreme Court. In return for this he is being targeted by hundreds of millions of dollars in special-interest money. I for one am proud to lend my voice – and support – to those who defend him.”

Paul Begala, a senior advisor to Priorities USA Action, called Freeman “a national treasure” and said the group was “honored that he has lent his powerful voice to our cause.”

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