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Lawmakers prepare for Medicaid battle...

Lawmakers prepare for Medicaid battle in 2013

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 16, 2012

Lawmakers prepare for Medicaid battle in 2013

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare constitutional, Mississippi, like every other state, is left with the option of expanding Medicaid.

Whether to do that will be a major focus of the upcoming 2013 legislative session, according to Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and two local Republican lawmakers.

“It’s terrible public policy, it makes no sense in the long-term for Mississippi taxpayers, said Reeves. “So, we’re going to look at what our options are. I have staff members working right now with the Division of Medicaid, working with the federal government and others to try to determine what our options are going to be,” Reeves said.

“The federal government gives us $3, the state matches $1, but do we have the $1,” said Sen. Billy Hudson. “Can we afford it…that’s the big question,” he said.


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