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Mississippi wins beer freedom

Mississippi wins beer freedom

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 3, 2012

Mississippi wins beer freedom

Cheers, Mississippi.

Toasting into Independence Day, a new law went into effect yesterday that allows Mississippians to brew and sell beer with higher alcohol content. The law not only applies to local breweries — it means distributors can finally bring in certain beers from all over.

Miss. Gov. Phil Bryant signed the bill into law in April, which legalizes brews of up to 8 percent alcohol by weight, or 10 percent by volume. More than a dozen bills were introduced this legislative session, all arguing to loosen up the state’s collar when it comes to beer. (With one exception: homebrewing. Still not cool in the Magnolia State.)

Yesterday, stores braced for sales to meet the demand, and the stuff was “flying off the shelves.”

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