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Billy Hewes speech at NCF –...

Billy Hewes speech at NCF – ‘It’s your money’

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 28, 2011

Billy Hewes delivered his vision for the future yesterday from the historic podium at the Neshoba County Fair.

“Senator Hewes is talking about issues, and he is presenting his record to the people of Mississippi,” said Hewes Spokesman Keith Plunkett. “Our opponent is talking about anything but issues. He’s still relying on rhetoric, and continues to throw the state legislature and Governor Barbour under the bus to try and convince people that he has been solely responsible for the past 8 years of spending controls. But, Mississippians are seeing through that misleading argument. They know controlling the state budget is a legislative team effort in conjunction with the Governor. The Treasurer has nothing to do with it. Does Mr. Reeves think Mississippians are that uninformed of how government functions?”

“We all want less government intervention in our lives, lower taxes, and more opportunity,” Senator Hewes told the raucous crowd. “With my business background, and with the lessons I’ve learned in my own family, I understand that IT’S YOUR MONEY we’re spending; and IT’S YOUR MONEY we’re asking for in taxes. Just as I am careful about the money our family spends, I’m careful about YOUR MONEY that government spends.

In my Game Plan:
• We will eliminate Mississippi’s inventory tax. This will help our home-grown businesses that are at a competitive disadvantage and are looking for relief in this economy. Because IT’S YOUR MONEY!
• We will adopt a Sunshine Act that will show you how YOUR money is being spent. It will expose attorney fees, consulting contracts and management fees paid with YOUR MONEY like the excessive fees my opponent spent on bond managers. Because IT’S YOUR MONEY!
• I am all for helping our fellow Mississippians who find themselves without jobs through no fault of their own … But, I will work to require drug testing of welfare recipients and unemployment beneficiaries. It’s YOUR MONEY and we must ensure that we don’t finance the drug habits of the people that we help. Because IT’S YOUR MONEY!”

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