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Gregg Harper column – Is the AARP...

Gregg Harper column – Is the AARP the American Association for Real Profits?

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 18, 2011

Is the AARP the American Association for Real Profits?

As Republican lawmakers in Washington try to reduce federal spending, the AARP has offered their input through letters to the editor, television advertisements and an aggressive telephone campaign.

The organization, formerly an advocate for our nation’s seniors, has compromised its credibility with older Americans, in exchange for billions in profits and gold-plated executive salaries.

The president of AARP Mississippi recently opined (“AARP against Congress’ cuts,” June 20 letter by Bruce Brice Sr.), “Congress needs to start making the right decisions about our nation’s future priorities, beginning by cutting tax loopholes and special interest tax breaks for companies that make billions of dollars in profits, but pay little or no taxes.”

Ironically, one day later, The Wall Street Journal reported that this powerful lobby lost about 300,000 members as a result of its support for the president’s health law – commonly referred to as “ObamaCare.”

Gregg Harper
Clarion Ledger

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