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Reeves Campaign Calls On Hewes To Stop...

Reeves Campaign Calls On Hewes To Stop Push-Polling

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 9, 2011

Reeves Campaign Calls On Hewes To Stop Push-Polling
Tate Reeves’ campaign for Lt. Governor is calling on Billy Hewes to stop the discredited practice known as push-polling.  Numerous Reeves supporters have alerted the campaign to being called and asked for whom they are voting and then being read a series of false, misleading statements about Tate Reeves in an attempt to change their vote and skew the poll.
The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) describes push-polling as phone calls aimed at voter persuasion that are dishonestly presented as surveys of public opinion.  The AAPC regards pushing polling “as a clear violation of the AAPC’s Code of Ethics and a degradation of the political process.”
Tate Reeves’ Campaign Manager Justin Brasell said, “Billy Hewes should be embarrassed and ashamed by this attempt to deceive voters.  These desperate tactics shows further proof Hewes‘ negative campaign is not gaining traction with Mississippi voters.  We call on Hewes to clean up his campaign by ending these shameful tactics and come forward with the call script and how many voters he has called.” 
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