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Hewes: Lieutenant governor needs...

Hewes: Lieutenant governor needs legislative experience

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 8, 2011

Hewes: Lieutenant governor needs legislative experience

BILOXI — Lieutenant governor candidate Billy Hewes III says his opponent Tate Reeves is falsely claiming to be a watchdog on government spending and borrowing and lacks legislative experience needed to run the state Senate.

In a meeting with the Sun Herald this week, the Hewes camp noted that while Reeves has a TV ad lamenting the large number of government vehicles tooling around the state on the taxpayer’s dime, Reeves until recently had a staffer in his office driving him around.

“I don’t like hypocrisy,” Hewes said. “He’s talking about government vehicles. Well, I actually have a history there. We had PEER (the legislative watchdog agency) look at that, and we passed a fleet management system for state vehicles and dragged the agencies into it kicking and screaming … while he has had his own driver …”

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