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Palazzo: Obama’s speech gave no...

Palazzo: Obama’s speech gave no real outlook on 2012 budget

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 14, 2011

Palazzo Statement on the President’s Budget Sequel Speech

Washington, D.C. – Representative Steven Palazzo (MS-04) issued the following statement today regarding the President Obama’s second 2012 budget plan.

“The sequel budget plan offered by the president in his speech sounded strangely similar to the prequel. It was filled with rhetoric, light on substance and heavy on new taxes and deficit spending.”

Palazzo added, “The president’s speech seemed intended for a campaign rally rather than a true vision to return economic growth and prosperity to our country.”

“In the time since the president took office, unemployment has remained at nearly 10 percent, yet his administration has spent at a level of fiscal insanity. His plan increases taxes for small businesses and families during a fragile economy. As a CPA, I know that keeping taxes low will drive business expansion and economic growth and create private sector jobs. The American people can’t absorb more taxes, four dollar gas, and more debt. The president’s plan is a recipe for economic disaster.”

“It’s time we drop the campaign style rhetoric with the American people and have a serious conversation about reducing deficit spending, easing the burden of debt and finally creating private sector jobs in America. To reverse the direction of the previous Congress and the White House, we must get spending under control. My colleagues and I have a vision for America to restore jobs and grow the economy,” concluded Palazzo.



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