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Palazzo Works to Undue Regulatory...

Palazzo Works to Undue Regulatory Burdens

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 7, 2011

Palazzo Works to Undue Regulatory Burdens

Washington, D.C. – Representative Steven Palazzo (MS-04) issued the following statement today in regards to the Senate passing the ObamaCare 1099 filing requirement repeal and the House’s passing of H.R. 910 – the Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011.

“As a former small business owner, I understand that burdensome regulation stifles job growth and decreases private sector productivity. The repeal of the 1099 filing requirement for small business purchases over $600 prevents businesses from having to lay off employees to meet regulatory compliance and is a step towards fully dismantling ObamaCare.

“Similarly, the EPA’s attempt to regulate Green House Gas (GHG) emissions is an overreach of regulatory authority not authorized by Congress. I co-sponsored The Energy Tax Prevention Act because it protects our country from a back door cap-and-trade scheme that would destroy high-paying private sector jobs and further increase fuel prices.”



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