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Senate debating JR 201 – liveblog

Senate debating JR 201 – liveblog

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 17, 2011

Burton made motion to concur

Hewes made motion to not concur and was recognized

David Jordan argued that new elections would cause $5M and that the House wouldn’t cooperate anyway

John Hohrn said that the Senate not approving HR 201 was like rearranging the furniture in someone else’s house.

Burton speaks against motion to not concur – Burton says if it goes to conference and IF he’s a conferee, he’s willing to work through the weekend to maintain the Senate position. “I will work for you (the Senate)”. “God willing, I will not fail you”. “It’s up to you”. Will he take a walk?

Kenny Wayne Jones – “We should be progressive in our thinking” – “Lt. Governor has an NBA status – win or go home”.
My question is how can we be “progressive” while at the same time relying on history so much?

Sen. Derrick Simmons speaking . . . there are lots of Democrats praising Terry Burton through this process.

Sen. Jackson speaking . . . under McCoy plan, Starkville goes from having 4 reps to 5. Oktibbeha goes from having 5 reps to 6.
Hob Bryan pings Jackson saying that Republican alternative plan doesn’t treat Starkville any different.

Sen Willie Simmons speaking . . .

Sen Chris McDaniel speaking . . . . “Why should we defer?” “A vote to conference doesn’t mean you’re going to have to run twice”. “DOJ has 60 days maximum to pre-clear . . . that doesn’t mean they will take that long”. “They (DOJ) will work with us.” “Speaker McCoy is not a dictator . . . yet.” “Why are we rushing? We have time to get this right.” “A vote to concur is a vote for the status quo”.

Sen Alice Harding last to speak for concurrence – starts a bit snarky – “Admit it . . . no one wants the district in Hattiesburg” “Race enters that picture”

Billy Hewes to close – asks for roll call.

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