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Reuters Analysis: What’s in store...

Reuters Analysis: What’s in store for Obama-Boehner relationship?

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 19, 2010

Analysis: What’s in store for Obama-Boehner relationship?

(Reuters) – They bickered with each other on the campaign trail and now Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican leader John Boehner find themselves forced into an uneasy political coexistence.

The November 2 congressional elections gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives and a stronger presence in the Senate, setting the stage set for possible political compromise to address the ills of the U.S. economy. But that is by no means certain as Obama and the Republicans remain far apart on taxes, government spending and reducing the $1.3 trillion deficit.

The bipartisan relationship got off to an uncertain start when a White House meeting scheduled for Thursday between Obama and congressional leaders, including top House Republican Boehner, was postponed until November 30 at Republican insistence.


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