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AP – Childers accuses Nunnelee of...

AP – Childers accuses Nunnelee of ‘cookie-cutter’ GOP campaign

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 19, 2010

Spending tops $2M by Dem, GOP in Miss. 1st Dist

Childers is a Blue Dog Democrat and voted against the massive health care bill his party pushed into law earlier this year. Still, Nunnelee says frequently that a vote for Childers is the same as a vote for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.

Childers said during a campaign stop in Oxford this past week that he is an independent voice for his constituents and Nunnelee is running a “cookie cutter campaign” directed by national Republican groups.

“He hasn’t had an original thought in this campaign. Not one,” Childers said. “Everything out of the Washington play book.”

Nunnelee, who’s on a bus tour of the district this week, said during a debate last week at the University of Mississippi that Democratic majorities on Capitol Hill are taking the country in the wrong direction and he wants to stop that.

“No more excessive spending,” Nunnelee said. “No more borrowing from our grandchildren and their grandchildren. No more corporate bailouts.”

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