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What we learned in the SEC: Week 5

What we learned in the SEC: Week 5

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 4, 2010

What we learned in the SEC: Week 5

4. LSU an unbeaten enigma: There’s little debate that the reason LSU is unbeaten is because of a rock-solid defense and superior play on special teams, and that’s OK. It’s not the first team to win thanks to those two phases of the game and won’t be the last. But this offense is a train wreck right now, in particular the whole quarterback situation, and how many more of these late-game meltdowns with regard to clock management can the Tigers survive? Had Tennessee not been caught with 13 men on the field on that final play, they would be roasting Les Miles on the Bayou right now — and many still are. There’s no excuse for having those kind of lapses on the sideline and in the booth over and over again. This is a talented team that has found ways to win. Resiliency is a big part of football, but how dysfunctional can you be on the offensive side of the ball and continue to win games?

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