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By: Magnolia Tribune - September 23, 2010 – HALEYWATCH – Barbour moves focus to Dem. in Massachusetts

The Republican Governors Association will launch an advertising blitz today aimed directly at Governor Deval Patrick, training its fire on the Democratic incumbent after spending much of the spring and summer wounding state Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill’s independent bid for the corner office.

The estimated $1.8 million ad campaign appears to be modeled on a strategy the association used successfully last

year in New Jersey. The group targeted independent candidate Chris Daggett in the campaign’s early months, before turning its focus on Jon Corzine, the incumbent Democrat, in the final weeks. The election was ultimately won by Republican Christopher J. Christie.

The RGA, headed by Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi, has already spent millions on behalf of Republican Charles D. Baker in Massachusetts. This is one of 18 states in which the association is spending more than it has in recent election cycles to influence governors’ races, part of a national strategy to gain clout in state capitols.

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