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Monday with Mike: Questions arise for...

Monday with Mike: Questions arise for Locker

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 20, 2010

Monday with Mike: Questions arise for Locker

Now Washington senior Jake Locker is in the draft cross-hairs. No one questions his physical abilities, but you wonder if his intangibles are going to be in question. Locker has started 31 games in his career. He has won nine of them. That’s a winning percentage of 29.0.

Indeed, his struggles bring to mind, in a way, LSU’s JaMarcus Russell. Russell had far more talent around him and played in a winning program. But if you truly studied Russell in college, there’s no way you could say he had the “it” factor needed to be a big-time quarterback. Sure, he could wing it 60 yards from his knees, but when it came to making a big play in a big game, well, there were far more head-scratching plays — like throwing it to the Auburn 10 instead of into the end zone on the final snap — than there were memorable moments. The measurables were there. The intangibles? No.

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