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The Hill – Travis Childers...

The Hill – Travis Childers pollster expects him to unleash this month

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 8, 2010

Republicans feel bolstered by new campaign numbers

Data suggests Republicans have momentum, but Democrats counter with internal polls showing their endangered incumbents doing well.

Republicans argue 2010 will be a “wave year,” touting poll numbers that back their claims.

“It’s a wave year,” said Glen Bolger, a GOP pollster. “The question is, ‘How high is the wave?’”

Seven other Democrats, including Rep. Travis Childers (D-Miss.), have recently released internal polls on their own accord. Childers’ poll had him leading Republican Alan Nunnelee by 5 points, but that was within the margin of error.

Democrats also touted Gallup’s weekly tracking poll Tuesday, which showed Republicans and Democrats tied at 46 percent among registered voters. It marks a shift after five consecutive weeks in which the Republicans held the advantage.

Republicans need 39 seats in the House to take control and 10 seats in the Senate.

Democratic pollster John Anzalone, whose clients include Blue Dog Dems like Bright, Childers and Kissell, noted that Democrats are only beginning to communicate with voters and said he expects “a ton of movement” over the next month.

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