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TBA – Thus Blogged Anderson:...

TBA – Thus Blogged Anderson: Lies, damned lies, and lawyerly lies

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 8, 2010

Thus Blogged Anderson: Lies, damned lies, and lawyerly lies

— The other legal news is that the sealed court order in the dispute between State Farm and Jim Hood has been unsealed, thanks to Alan Lange and some Mississippi TV stations who persuaded the district court to unseal the entire document. NMC gives the background. Lange and NMC flag the contrast between what Hood told the court —
Judge Bramlette: All right, Mr. Hood, you’re going to be approached by the media and we want to know what you’re going to say. And you’ve already said it off the record. There’s a request that it be on the record. And go ahead and say that, sir.

Mr. Hood: Yes, your Honor. In order to protect the seal, certainly, the only comment would be that the the case was dismissed. And, of course, they’ll ask me about the criminal case; and I would not make any comment, which is always what I’m bound ethically to do, is not to make any comment about the criminal case, say “I can’t comment about that”.
— and what he told the public:
allegations lodged against me by this insurer (State Farm) were shown to be false when a federal judge recently threw out a lawsuit it had filed against my office.
Disappointing, to say the least.

Thus Blogged Anderson

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