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MIM – Thompson Among Dems Urged...

MIM – Thompson Among Dems Urged To Help Vulnerable Incumbents

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 7, 2010

Thompson Among Dems Urged To Help Vulnerable Incumbents

Bennie Thompson is currently sitting on $2.1 million in a majority-black district that gave Barack Obama 66 percent of the vote two years ago. No national pundits are paying attention to the challenge from Republican Bill Marcy; who while running a spirited campaign obviously faces what most would consider insurmountable challenges. That leads to the question: Why exactly does Thompson need more than $2 million when he is virtually safe-for-life? I don’t see any runs for a different office in his future where he needs to stock up on cash.

As House Democrats fight back with a report from over the weekend where they mention the possibility of having to cut off funds for Democrats who look hopeless in their re-election bid, leaders have called on safer Democrats with a pocket full of cash to help the party. Congressmen can give unlimited sums from their own campaign to party committees (such as the DCCC or NRCC). We will see what Thompson does with his money.

Majority in Miss.

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