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Take a Deep Breath – Change is...

Take a Deep Breath – Change is hitting college football

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 22, 2010

Take a Deep Breath – Change is hitting college football

College football may be America’s third-favorite sport, but it ranks first in angst and aggravation. Maybe it’s because it has the most passionate fans in sports. Or maybe it’s because they’re just whiny.
It’s always something. The Bowl Championship Series is wrong for excluding the Mountain West Conference. The BCS is wrong, period. Non-conference scheduling is a joke. (Actually, we’re on board with that one.) The polls are an outrage. Everything is an outrage.

The latest affront to humanity is the possibility that the season-ending Michigan-Ohio State game may move to an earlier point in the season, as a result of the Big Ten splitting into two divisions next season.

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