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Majority calls out Childers on...

Majority calls out Childers on questionable talking points

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 16, 2010

Childers Camp Blast Nunnelee and Their Internal Polling

Morris called it a “questionable political poll” and said people “want to hear about jobs.”

He also took the time to make two points that are very questionable at best: “Instead of talking about suspicious polls, Alan Nunnelee should explain why he wants to privatize Social Security and why he keeps raising our taxes after 15 years in the legislature.”

I challenge Morris to show me (and everyone else) a statement where Nunnelee said he wants to “privatize Social Security.” Honestly, I am surprised the Childers camp went in this direction. They are generally pretty disciplined relying on the likes of the DCCC and Mississippi Democratic Party to do their dirty work while Childers uses taxpayer money to have non-campaign campaign events at various facilities throughout the district (when he’s not busy sending out taxpayer funded emails letting us know about the great work he is doing in Washington).

Secondly, Morris ought to know Childers has been doing his own polling. How about they release the results to dispute what Nunnelee is putting out there? The only reason they wouldn’t is if they don’t want you to see what is inside.

Majority in Miss.

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