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MCHEARLD – Audit hoped to be end...

MCHEARLD – Audit hoped to be end of contract questions

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 21, 2010

Audit hoped to be end of contract questions

Madison County officials say they hope a state audit of their engineering contracts will finally end months of questions over what the county pays for services to design roads and bridges.

“We hope by them coming in and getting information that allegations are quashed and we can move on,” Board of Supervisors President Tim Johnson about.

A state audit response team was sent into Madison County last week by Auditor Stacey Pickering.

“At this time, it is an audit,” Pickering said. “We have a team actively looking into issues up there. There are issues we want to clarify and the quickest way is the action we’ve taken. Some questions need to be addressed further.”

Fees paid to county engineer Rudy Warnock has been criticized by citizens, city officials and others. Last July both Madison and Ridgeland aldermen approved resolutions calling for an audit of fees paid to Warnock, and Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler has questioned Warnock’s business practices through the use of subcontracts on county projects and the fees he has been paid with taxpayer money.

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