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2010 NFL Draft – Ranking The...

2010 NFL Draft – Ranking The Running Backs

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 6, 2010

2010 NFL Draft – Ranking The Running Backs

While he’s not fast, has character and concentration issues, and isn’t the type of person or player who can be counted on to carry a pro running game, but he did his best to put the MSU offense on his back. He was all the team had offensively and he still produced at a high SEC level over his entire career. While he doesn’t time fast, he runs quickly for a player of his size and is always gaining positive yards. The problem is that he doesn’t quite have elite NFL rushing ability and doesn’t do any one thing at a top pro level. With his all-around game, though, he could be the type of player who gets taken in the middle of the draft and ends up having a far better career than a few of the high-priced first rounders.
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