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Alan Nunnelee campaign update for MS-01

Alan Nunnelee campaign update for MS-01

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 15, 2010

“Nunnelee appears to be the real deal”

The Washington Post ranked MS-01 as the 11th most likely House race to switch parties in 2010. To read more go to

Campaign Update

Our race is in full swing and I can feel the momentum building. One of the most enjoyable aspects of our campaign, is getting to know you and the many people from all walks of life across North Mississippi.

As I travel from one campaign stop to another, it’s encouraging to see bumper stickers on cars throughout the district. We need to continue expanding our visibility by getting more bumper stickers on cars. If you have already placed one on your car please ask your friends and family to do the same. If you need any materials please email Cadley with our campaign staff at and he will be happy to get them to you.

Just as enthusiasm is growing in the campaign so is our grassroots organization. We’re seeing more and more people joining our efforts to take back Washington but we continue to need your help. If you have a few hours to spare to write postcards, hand out materials, make calls to friends, or put out signs we need your help. Please email Mabel with my campaign team at if you are interested in helping us in any way.

Also, forward this newsletter to family and friends and ask them to sign up for email updates from the campaign at .

As I’ve stated many times, I am running because I believe we need someone representing our district that will stand up for Mississippi values. It’s also my job to tell you why I am the best candidate in the race. I want to tell you what I’m for and not just what I’m against. That’s why I released a policy statement on healthcare this week. I want you and the voters of North Mississippi to know where I stand on the important issues facing our country.


The discussion of healthcare is a perfect example of what is wrong with Washington, D.C. Our congressman has been unwilling to tell us where he stands on the Senate version of Obamacare. Citizens of this district deserve to know where their elected officials stand on issues and what they are doing to impact the outcome of legislation.

Obamacare increases government spending at a time when we have record deficits, it raises taxes on families and small businesses, it destroys jobs at a time of record unemployment, it cuts Medicare funding for seniors, it allows tax payer funding of abortions and it forces Mississippians to abandon health coverage they like in favor of government-approved coverage.

President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the extreme liberal factions in Washington are using every trick in the book to push this unhealthy package through Congress and I think the citizens of North Mississippi deserve to know where we as candidates stand before the votes are taken.

While Obamacare is not good for our economy and would not be good for healthcare in America, there is no question that our healthcare system needs adjustments. We need leadership who will be willing to listen and accept common sense solutions that will make our healthcare more affordable and more accessible and this is one of the reasons I could never support Nancy Pelosi as speaker. She does not, nor will she ever, represent the views of North Mississippi.

When elected I will work to make common-sense changes that will make healthcare more affordable and more accessible without hurting our economy. I have a record of converting our conservative values into effective public policy and I want to take that experience to Washington. Here’s how:

1.Individuals and families should be able to keep the same insurance when they change jobs.

2.Individuals and families need to be able to select coverage that is right for them.

3.Insurance should not be restricted by state lines.

4.Self-employed individuals and families should be able to join a group plan and enjoy the same tax advantages as corporations.

5.Insurance companies should not be allowed to drop individuals or families because of illness.

6.Small businesses should be able to purchase coverage at similar rates as large corporations and government agencies.

7.Medical bills should be more transparent and easier to understand.

8.We must pass comprehensive tort reform.

9.Elected officials should not have special coverage.

These simple solutions will help make healthcare more affordable and accessible and I will work every day to take a common-sense approach to the United States House of Representatives.

As always I want to hear from you. It’s important that I keep you the voter informed but also that you the voter keep me informed and address any concerns or questions you might have. Please email me at . I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Alan Nunnelee

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