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Shanoff’s WUC: NCAA Bubble Gets...

Shanoff’s WUC: NCAA Bubble Gets Interesting

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 11, 2010

Shanoff’s WUC: NCAA Bubble Gets Interesting

— Bubble Watch: Is Louisville out after losing to Cincinnati last night? Unlikely, but their position on the bubble became a lot more precarious. (Cincy isn’t close to in, but gets a great “Huggins reunion” game vs. WVU.)

— Definitely Out: Seton Hall, after losing a must-win against Notre Dame. Meanwhile, San Diego State is in a similar must-win today in the Mountain West quarters. (Memphis is, too, in the C-USA Qtrs.)

— The Big East Quarters, despite not having L’ville, feels more loaded than an NCAA sub-regional: No less than seven Dance-quality teams, headlined by Syracuse-G’town. (Plus: Marquette-‘Nova, Pitt-Notre Dame, WVU-Cincy.)

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