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Ed Oregeron trying to sway Tennessee...

Ed Oregeron trying to sway Tennessee recruits to USC

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 13, 2010

Ed Oregeron trying to sway Tennessee recruits to USC

It wasn’t enough to just take their coaching staff, now Lane Kiffin is swipe Tennessee’s recruiting class as well. There is less than a month left before national signing day and USC lost at least 3 of the jewels of their recruiting class since the Pete Carroll rumors heated up last Friday. USC AD Mike Garrett was desperate to make a hire and salvage the talented crop of rising freshmen. Newly hired Lane Kiffin is apparently going above and beyond that call of duty by trying to plug the holes in USC’s class with recruits of his own. Vols D Lineman Marlon Wells says he overheard Ed Oregeron,Kiffin’s recruiting coordinator who is joining him at USC, calling recruits to try and sway their decision.
“We told them [the freshmen] in the meeting that it’s their option,” Walls told “If they want to go, go. But we’re a family here. You don’t sign with no school for no coach. And just like they left us, they’ll leave you all too. … And we heard Coach O in the background calling enrollees and telling them that they got an offer to USC. He couldn’t even address us. He couldn’t even call us first.
“Freshmen put [Orgeron] on speakerphone. I called him five times, and he wouldn’t pick up. But he’s calling them. They put him on speakerphone and said all of them got offers to USC.”
Let the fan outrage continue. There is no shock why Kiffin would want to do this. These are the players he has scouted and sat on their mom’s couch and watched the film. It would be too difficult to play catch up with all of USC’s prospects. If the fans already hate him and are rioting then you might as well go all out villain and actually enjoy some of the freedoms that hatred by a fan base allows. Don’t worry about other peoples’ feelings if they already hate you and you are switching coasts.

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