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Sen. Roger Wicker – Obamacare...

Sen. Roger Wicker – Obamacare bill is a “colossal mistake”

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 21, 2009

Wicker: “This Bill is a Colossal Mistake”

Senator Votes Against Ending Debate on Latest Version of Democrats’ Health Care Bill

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., voted early Monday morning against ending debate on the latest version of the Senate Democrats’ health care bill. With a vote of 60 to 40, Democrats reached the 60 votes needed to limit debate and advance the measure.

“Despite a majority of Americans saying ‘no’ to this $2.5 trillion bill, Democrats continue to force it through Congress,” Wicker said. “This enormous government expansion plan would increase taxes, slash Medicare by nearly half a trillion dollars, raise the cost of health care, and cripple already cash-strapped states through its unfunded Medicaid expansion.”

“Higher taxes, more spending, and cuts to Medicare are not the reforms Americans want. This bill is a colossal mistake. It should be scrapped so that we can start over and get this right.”

Wicker has said a step-by-step approach is needed to provide Americans with health care that is more affordable and accessible. Those steps include expanding competition by allowing patients to cross state lines to buy insurance, allowing small businesses to pool together to provide health coverage for their workers, and implementing medical liability reform.

If Democrats retain the support of 60 senators in the remaining two procedural votes expected in the coming days, a vote on final passage of the bill could occur on Christmas Eve.

Senator Roger Wicker Press Release

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