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Dear Mr. Slive: I Should Be a Replay...

Dear Mr. Slive: I Should Be a Replay Ref

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 9, 2009

I won’t even spend any time thinking about the press conference I would stage if I were Les Miles. I’d load stacks of hundred dollar bills until I had 300 stacks, or $30,000 in all, into a black garbage bag and carry it into my press conference. Then, before I even said anything, I’d turn up the garbage bag and dump all the cash out onto the table in front of the reporters.

I’d let it all spill around on the ground and then I’d walk to the microphone and say this:

“Mike Slive can come pick up this money when he gets a chance. Because that official who blew that call in the replay booth doesn’t deserve to ever work another game. We’re not talking about a blown judgment call, or a decision made in the heat of the game when everyone is moving a million miles an hour. We’re talking about a fat man sitting in front of a television and making a dispassionate decision based on what he sees.

“And he blew it.

“Big time.

“I’d sooner have Clay Travis making the decisions from his house in Nashville.”

Amen, Les.

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