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Senator Alan Nunnelee Responds to...

Senator Alan Nunnelee Responds to Travis Childers’ (MS01) Healthcare Statement

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 5, 2009

Senator Alan Nunnelee Responds to Healthcare Statement

Senator Nunnelee is pleased that Travis Childers, after several months of
intense grassroots efforts and political pressure has finally committed to
vote against the massive government takeover of healthcare but the Senator
is concerned that Childers did not rule out voting for future versions of
the bill and more surprising that Congressman Childers did not commit to
vote against the Pelosi/Obama government takeover option.

Nunnelee Statement

“While I agree we do need to adjust our healthcare system. Government- run
healthcare is not the answer. We need to make reforms that will reduce costs
and ensure personal healthcare decisions are made by patients, their
families and their doctors. Here’s how we can do it:

1) Individuals and Families should be able to keep the same insurance
when they change jobs

2) Insurance should not be restricted by state lines

3) Self Employed Individuals and Families should be able to join a
group plan and enjoy the same tax advantages as corporations

4) Insurance Companies should not be allowed to drop individuals or
families because of illness

5) Small businesses should be able to purchase coverage at similar
rates as large corporations and government agencies

6) Medical bills should be more transparent and easier to understand

7) We must pass comprehensive tort reform

8) Elected officials should not have special coverage

Alan Nunnelee Campaign Release

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