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They’ll show him Favre too much

They’ll show him Favre too much

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 1, 2009

They’ll show him Favre too much

Ya want bad com edy or football? Today at 4:15 you might get a little of both. Fox has Vikings-Packers here. Maybe. The way Fox is promoting it we may just see snippets of it, when Brett Favre is in.

Games played by Brett Favre, as presented by the NFL’s TV networks, the last 10 years, hold the promise of farce. He brings out the silly in TV. And Fox has issued a warning, of sorts, that those wishing to see the Vikings play the Packers, well . . .
For starters, Fox will have a “Favre-Cam,” one that, Fox promises, “will follow every move of No. 4’s return to the Frozen Tundra.”

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