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Perry / GOP pushing Voter ID

Perry / GOP pushing Voter ID

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 23, 2009

Perry / GOP pushing Voter ID

Voter ID activists in Mississippi have collected more than 25,000 signatures on their way to a goal of 90,000 certified signatures to have a government issued photo voter identification requirement put on the ballot for consideration.

The ballot title of the initiative is “Should the Mississippi Constitution be amended to require a person to submit government issued photo identification in order to vote?” The initiative allows any voter without a government issued voter ID (such as a drivers license) to obtain one without charge from the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

Sen. Joey Fillingane (R-Sumrall) sponsors this photo voter ID initiative, formally known as “Initiative Measure Number 27,” and the Mississippi Republican Party has dedicated staff and resources to the project.

Currently, between Fillingane and the MSGOP, three field operatives are working on the petition drive in neighborhoods and festivals across the state, including the upcoming Neshoba County Fair.

Fillingane launched and a Facebook group for Mississippians for Voter ID. The MSGOP mailed the petition to thousands of Republicans across the state for their help in securing signatures.

Because the legislature has the opportunity to consider an alternative, the initiative must be presented ninety days before the first day of the legislative session. If the 90,000 certified signatures for voter ID are presented before October 1, the initiative and any alternative will appear on the statewide ballot during the 2010 election. If not, and the certified signatures are collected before February 1 of next year, then voters will decide on the 2011 statewide ballot.

Whichever year is picked, expect a surge in turnout for the popular initiative.

Brian Perry
Madison County Journal

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