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MSU coach stumps for Oregon fans

MSU coach stumps for Oregon fans

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 19, 2009

MSU coach stumps for Oregon fans

Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury is admittedly looking for any edge he can get to pull off the 13-4 upset of the Huskies tomorrow.
As he began his official interview session with the media here a little while ago before MSU’s practice at the Rose Garden, Stansbury — noting the rivalry between Washington and Oregon — made a plea for the local fans to support his team.

“We know all the Oregon people will be behind us tomorrow and if you’re not, get behind us because we need all the help we can get,” he said.

Stansbury said he had learned a lot more about the rivalry in the time that MSU has been here — Oregon is serving as the official host of this regional with UO athletic department officials manning many of the main jobs, such as facilitating interviews..

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