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Joey Langston says Dickie Scruggs...

Joey Langston says Dickie Scruggs ‘stiffed’ him, too

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 20, 2009

SCRUGGS UPDATE: Langston says Scruggs ‘stiffed’ him, too

Recently, Wilson filed a new civil lawsuit against Scruggs, Peters and others claiming they conspired to deprive him of his rightful returns from the asbestos lawsuits and then used his money to further other illegal schemes.

In his filing Wednesday, Langston’s affidavit says he paid Peters $1 million “even though I did not receive $3,000,000.00 from Scruggs.”

Langston also says the $425,000 left from Peters’ share should go to Wilson.

Wilson’s filing echoes Langston, alleging that although the agreement was for $3 million to be paid to Langston, “Scruggs ultimately offset other claimed credits against Langston’s $3,000,000.00.”

Langston is set to report to prison on a 36-month sentence for his guilty plea.

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