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NMC – Judge Neal Biggers...

NMC – Judge Neal Biggers Statement Sentencing Steve Patterson in Dickie Scruggs scandal

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 14, 2009

Court’s Statement Sentencing Patterson

“You’re the only one in this case who is not a lawyer, and therefore I wonder if you realize you had a disrespect for the legal profession that would make you enter into a conspiracy to corrupt the courts.” The judge could not decide how to weigh the issue of him not being a lawyer.

“You were in a firm that sounded like a legal firm called Patterson and Balducci.” At this point, he noted that the PSR said he was receiving $80K a month from tobacco fees, and Patterson interrupted to say, “No, it’s more like $20,000.” On pretty close questioning by the judge, Patterson’s lawyer (McCoy) clarified that the amount had gone down.

The judge concluded he was not going to consider his non-lawyer status as a big factor. He then sentenced Patterson to 24 months with a $150k fine to cover the costs of incarceration, which the court acknowledged was a downward departure.

He noted that the government said they would continue to need his cooperation, and that he was not charged in the other illegal bribery case, that this sentence was about this case only and he didn’t know the government’s other plans as to the case involving Judge DeLaughter.

They then discussed the report date and Patterson’s future grand jury testimony.


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