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2013 Super Bowl Would Pave The Way to...

2013 Super Bowl Would Pave The Way to Better Than Ever

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 13, 2009

2013 Super Bowl Would Pave The Way to Better Than Ever

As part of the past eight public relations staffs at the Super Bowl, I have been fortunate to work in some of the greatest cities in the United States when they put on “their game faces” during Super Bowl weeks.

I confess to being biased, but in my opinion, nobody does it better than New Orleans. I recently returned from Tampa, where they hosted and pulled off an amazing week of activities, festivities and events surrounding one of the most riveting Super Bowls ever played.
In trying economic times, Tampa pulled off a memorable and special week. In total, roughly 100,000 estimated visitors flocked to the region, thousands of people with working functions descended on the Bay and 151.6 million more tuned in to watch on television.

The exposure for Tampa will surely be felt for the immediate and considerable future as a place where warm weather, great golf courses, spectacular beaches and fabulous restaurants can be easily reached.

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