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NMC – Scruggs II Guilty Plea and...

NMC – Scruggs II Guilty Plea and Sentencing (Part Two)

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 12, 2009

Scruggs II Guilty Plea and Sentencing (Part Two)

Question: Does this possibility of a Rule 35 reduction only affect the new sentence?

Norman then read the factual basis, which has been posted elsewhere on the blog. Among the interesting parts are: Langston wanting Peters not to enter an appearance but to corruptly influence the judge behind the scenes. This allowed “secret access to the court not enjoyed by others,” and Norman referred to a state statute, Miss. Code Ann. 97-11-53, which I will blog about elsewhere.

At this point, Scruggs pled guilty, the plea was accepted, and the court recessed to read the PSR in U.S. v. Scruggs and in Langston.

After the recess, the court accepted the plea agreement as binding and proceeded to sentence. He found he had a basis to waive a new PSR and described his reliance on prior PSRs.


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