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Dickie Scruggs pleads guilty . . ....

Dickie Scruggs pleads guilty . . . again . . . gets 7 years

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 11, 2009

Most in the Scruggs Nation knows by now that Dickie Scruggs pleaded guilty to seven years in a federal court in Aberdeen, Mississippi today. He pleaded to a one count information to wire fraud involving the corruption of a public official, which was described as Judge Bobby DeLaughter, though DeLaughter’s name was not officially mentioned in open court.

His sentence of seven years was deemed to be concurrent with his previous five year sentence, but with no credit for time served. In other words, he will get out of jail seven years from today.

A few bombshells came out. First, there is a sealed indictment (09cr002). Jim Greenlee said it would be unsealed shortly. Secondly, Scruggs is cooperating fully with the Government and has submitted to a polygraph. That’s big news.

Jerry Mitchell was on the case. NMC was there and had some interesting observations including at the VERY end of the procedings when Bob Norman asked Judge Davidson whether they could remove Dickie’s names from the list on the indictments under seal. There was an audible gasp in the courtroom, if only my own.

More later when we make the full post.

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