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Melton accused of improper contact with...

Melton accused of improper contact with gov’t witnesses

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 10, 2009

Melton accused of improper contact with gov’t witnesses

Late Monday afternoon there were some late breaking developments inside the courtroom.

The government is asking that the last witness to testify, Michael Taylor be treated as a hostile witness. Taylor was on the mobile command unit and allegedly took part in the destruction of the Ridgeway Street home.

Prosecutor Mark Blumberg said Taylor’s testimony changed when he got on the stand and that Melton recently had inappropriate contact with him, when he went to Taylor’s home to bring his son gifts.

Also, prosecutors are asking for Melton’s bond to be revoked, claiming he tried to serve a subpoena on another government witness Evans Welch.

Melton’s attorney John Reeves objected to that, claiming Melton needed weekly healthcare treatments.

Both issues involving inappropriate contact with witnesses will be taken up by the Judge Dan Jordan in the morning.


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