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Fox40 take on Melton trial

Fox40 take on Melton trial

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 4, 2009

UPDATEWright Ruling and More Juror Questions on Melton Trial Day Two

Court is expected to continue until 6 PM tonight before adjourning for the day. They are still working on questioning jurors and are slowly making progress to the final number of 12. Currently the number of potential jurors left is 59.

If the current pace holds steady jury selection would last through Friday and maybe into next week, pushing the actual trial back.


Jury selection is wearing on in the courtroom and as jurors are questioned it has become evident that there is definitely a sympathy sentiment for Melton sprinkled throughout the possible jurors.

The latest juror to be question said that her church is in the area of the home allegedly torn down by the Mayor and Recio and that the area is riddled with drugs and illegal activity. She said she understands that the Mayor was just trying to help.


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