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Internal affairs in the SEC

Internal affairs in the SEC

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 8, 2008

Internal affairs in the SEC

Defense continues to take center stage in the SEC, while offense remains hit and miss around the league. Auburn is searching frantically for any offensive continuity. Tennessee is searching frantically for any SEC win, and South Carolina looks like it might be making a move after a key road win at Ole Miss. Here’s our “Internal Affairs” look at the conference:

Whittling down the spread: Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville insists that the Tigers are committed to the spread offense and aren’t scrapping it in midseason. That said, the Tigers continue to whittle down the playbook in an effort to find something that works for them consistently. They had success in the first quarter against Vanderbilt in their two-tight end run formation, something Arkansas can expect to see more of this Saturday. The Tigers are still going to be in the shotgun a bunch, but look for more power running sets along the way.

Lightening the load: LSU has used

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