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Neuheisel vs. Carroll: No holds barred

Neuheisel vs. Carroll: No holds barred

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 26, 2008

Neuheisel vs. Carroll: No holds barred

LOS ANGELES — Here’s an image for you.
UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel standing alone waiting outside the hotel for his car.
Here comes USC coach Pete Carroll.

These guys surely dislike each other. Or, at least, they will keep interaction to a minimum in the spirit of a bitter rivalry.

At most, their crossing paths figure to include only a chilly nod, right? Maybe a superior grin from Carroll and a just-you-wait smirk from Neuheisel.
Nope… Carroll immediately walks up with a hand out, and Neuheisel energetically grabs and shakes. They begin to casually chat. Both seem very comfortable.
My thought is they talked about how much they like’s new Pac-10 blog, but that’s only an educated guess.
I asked myself: Was that completely fake? Would these two rather just claw each other’s eyes out?
Maybe. But it didn’t seem like that.

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