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QUINN – The case that made...

QUINN – The case that made Scruggs bribe

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 28, 2008

The case that made Scruggs bribe

So what did this complaint say?

The Introduction is titled “The Greed of the Defendants”

This section explains what the Scruggs Katrina Group did, along with the work done by Jones Funderburg.

“After the performance of this work, the defendants (SKG), in concerted effort amounting to conspiracy, determined to ‘freeze out’ the Plaintiff (Jones and Funderburg) and reduce its proper share of the money,” the complaint reads.

The complaint explains who the different parties are and some facts of the case. Don Barrett, David Nutt, Scruggs, Sparky Lovelace and some others.

Then the section entitled “The Scheme Begins” starts when Jones Funderburg first felt they were being short-changed.

“In December 2006 Don Barrett and Scruggs conspired among themselves to allocate Jones with a ridiculously low figure.”

Scruggs told Jones he would only receive 1 million dollars and nothing more.

“Over the following three months the Defendants law firms and the individually named defendants attempted to bully and cajole the Plaintiff into taking less,” the complaint said. ”These egregious acts were intended to cause and did cause extreme distress to the individual members of the Plaintiffs law firm.”

According to the complaint Jones and Funderburg asked for arbitration 20 times.

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