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FOLO – Selected reactions to...

FOLO – Selected reactions to Dickie’s sentencing

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 28, 2008

Selected reactions to Dickie’s sentencing

Not so for Jim Hood, though, who told Paul:

“It’s a sad day for the judicial system of our state,” said state Attorney General Jim Hood, among those who have benefitted in campaign contributions from Scruggs. “No one wins in such situations, but by these sentences and the earlier convictions, justice has been served. Hopefully, our system has been strengthened, not weakened, and we can move forward to better serve the citizens of Mississippi.”

Sheesh. A sad day for the sentenced and those who love and/or depend on them, yes — but for the judicial system, yesterday brought a cleansing and a restoration (if only the first of many needed). Nobody wins? Who’s this Nobody, Brother Hood? We who depend the rule of law? Your personal system has surely been weakened — and to the extent it ever had anything to do with standing up for the Little against the Big, yes, that hurts. But by now, some of us are pretty dubious that that was ever its true business.

Another touch of class. But since I’m alternating between goods and bads, now it’s time to point out where Jerry Mitchell found Mike Moore:

After the hearing, Moore remarked, “This is tragedy after tragedy after tragedy. Unfortunately, there’s nothing good that comes of this.”

According to Confounded (though I’ve been unable to locate this online) [Ms. Lotus’ efforts must’ve not taken her far enough on WLBT to find the video where Mike Moore stated this], on WLBT “Mike Moore contradicted Biggers and said this was just one isolated incident. Nothing good could come of all this (referring to the sentence I presume).”

What to make of Mike Moore? Does he still think all this criminality made good sense and effective policy? ”Tragedy after tragedy after tragedy” got concocted inside Scruggs Law Firm and, having scarred and stained countless innocents’ lives for years, finally returned to it. If Mike Moore thinks putting a stop to that was “nothing good” . . . well, what do we make of him?


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