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DJ – Sad, but justified

DJ – Sad, but justified

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 28, 2008

Sad, but justified

Jere Hoar, retired journalist and University of Mississippi professor, attended the session because he likes to “keep an awareness of what’s going on” in the law arena.

Hoar said Friday’s events were sad to watch because Scruggs has done good things, especially for the University of Mississippi. But he also said Scruggs’ sentence was fully justified.

“There’s no doubt that Scruggs has done a lot of good, but we all depend on the justice system and to attempt to corrupt it is a very serious crime,” he said.

Hoar said Scruggs didn’t only damage his own reputation, but also harmed the reputation of the Mississippi Bar. Scruggs’ actions made people conscious of the fact that a lawyer could attempt to go against the judiciary system, he said.

“It’s always sad when someone in such a high position falls so far,” Hoar said.

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