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Magnolia State Matchup

Magnolia State Matchup

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 27, 2008

Magnolia State Matchup

Wicker certainly does not seem to be taking anything for granted in his contest with Musgrove, establishing an early fundraising lead and putting it to work on the airwaves. He has already released three TV ads, all of which target the Gulf Coast region — an area where he is seeking to build name recognition, since he represented the northeast corner of the state in the House.

His first two ads, “Friend Of The Coast” (subscription) and “Fighting For Our Coast” (subscription), highlight Wicker’s efforts in securing “billions” of dollars for reconstruction after Hurricane Katrina decimated the area in 2005. Both ads cite a headline from the Biloxi Sun Herald claiming, “We already owe Roger Wicker a debt of thanks.” “Fighting For Our Coast” shows Wicker talking with local leaders Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway and General Joe Spraggins about the after-effects of the storm. “You and Senator [Thad] Cochran did a fantastic job to get things pushed through for us,” Spraggins proclaims.

Wicker’s latest ad, “Lifetime of Service” (subscription), reintroduces the candidate to Gulf Coast voters as a family man dedicated to serving his country. The ad begins with his wife of 32 years, Gail, referencing religion: “I’ve often said, when God wants two people together, he tends to just put them together.” The announcer goes on to talk about Wicker’s years in the Air Force and Congress before he became the state’s newest senator. “Roger Wicker: fights for us every day,” he concludes.

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