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YP BREAKING – SH Reports Khayat...

YP BREAKING – SH Reports Khayat and Winter wrote letters for Scruggs

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 25, 2008

Scruggs letters: Nothing from Lott, but Winter, Khayat weigh in

Three journalists and a lawyer-blogger are here. We are playing nice, sharing information as we scan the bound volumes, looking for big names.

No letter from Trent Lott, but we have found complimentary correspondence from Lowell Bergman of 60 Minutes fame, who worked with Scruggs during the tobacco wars. Former Mississippi Gov. William Winter wrote, as did University of Mississippi president Robert Khayat.

Khayat, who met Scruggs as a teen-ager, says: “Throughout his adult life, he has been a model citizen . . .”

“It is my belief that any time he spends being incarcerated is an absolute waste of a great deal of talent and ability.”

Bergman extols Scruggs’ protection of whistleblowers: “I observed Mr. Scruggs demonstrate a humanity and largesse that frankly is rare in a profession that has become known for rapacious conduct.”

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