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Huffington-Puffington Post has another...

Huffington-Puffington Post has another pro-felon article on Paul Minor . . . ignores the facts

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 25, 2008

The Paul Minor PR Express rolls on . . . this time at the Huffington Post. Self professed essayist, poet & journalist Larissa Alexandrovna wrote the puff piece on Minor with such grand and unfounded assertions like . . .

Although prosecutors were unable to prove that Minor had bribed the judges in exchange for favors from the bench, the second trial resulted in a conviction. The jury determined that a quid pro quo had taken place between Minor and two of the judges, Teel and Whitfield, in large part because Judge Wingate had instructed them it was not necessary for the prosecution to prove bribery.

Fortunately, we at YallPolitics have a higher standard than the uninformed ravings of an essayist buffing up a felon. We look at actual court filings, like the indictment. Twelve selected jurors looked at the facts in a court of law, where I guarantee Miss Alexandrovna did not attend, and came to the conclusion that Minor did indeed use legal campaign funds in a way that illegally influenced judges and benefitted him personally. Furthermore, the paper trail is crystal clear that Minor then did everything under the sun to hide these supposed “legal campaign donations” by having strawmen, including his buddy Scruggs, pay off these loans.

And, of course, let’s not forget what a great guy he is.

The bottom line is that Miss Alexandrovna “ain’t from ’round here” and has no idea what she is talking about with regards to the politics or the legal filings in this case. It is just another knee-jerk reaction from Bush-hating liberals that is being generated by the Minor PR machine.

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