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ClayNation: It’s difficult to...

ClayNation: It’s difficult to stomach Pacman being upset

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 25, 2008

ClayNation: It’s difficult to stomach Pacman being upset

It took Don Imus to make Pacman Jones a victim. And by Pacman Jones, of course I mean Adam Jones. With that clarification, I’d like to further announce that Pacman will always be Pacman in the ClayNation column, unless he adds an apostrophe to A’dam, like so.
Now that he’s in Dallas we’re to understand that Pacman has rehabilitated his image and is a changed man. How much has Pacman truly changed? No one outside the Dallas strip club scene really knows for sure. Aside from his house being foreclosed in Nashville, he stayed under the radar until, unbelievably, Don Imus resurrected him on Monday’s show. Here’s the pertinent dialogue if you haven’t heard or read it yet.
On Monday’s show, Imus’ news update included a reference to Jones abandoning the Pacman moniker after being arrested six times. That led to this exchange:
“What color is he?” asked Imus.
“African-American,” said the announcer.
“There you go, now we know,” said Imus.
Imus has since said his comments were a reflection on society’s mistreatment of black men. In pertinent part he has argued, “I mean, there’s no reason to arrest this kid six times. Maybe he did something once, but everyone does something once.”

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