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IMO Gators’ Urban Meyer is 2 hip...

IMO Gators’ Urban Meyer is 2 hip 2 be square

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 24, 2008

IMO Gators’ Urban Meyer is 2 hip 2 be square

His authorized biography is about to hit
Another best-selling author who chronicles global business leaders wants to write a chapter in his next book about what makes him tick.
TV producers have approached him about doing a reality TV show.
ESPN showed up in town a couple of months ago for his spring football game and provided four hours of televised coverage.
Bill Belichick likes to talk strategy with him.
And, yes, Adam Sandler sent him a congratulatory bottle of wine not long ago.
“I guess that’s pretty cool, huh?” Urban Meyer says and laughs.
Cool doesn’t begin to describe it.
Urban Meyer is the coolest rockin’ daddy in intercollegiate sports. He’s the hippest, hottest rock star in college football. He’s Hannah Montana with a cockeyed headset. He’s Lil Wayne with a big playbook. He’s the Pussycat Dolls with an offense that purrs like a kitten.

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