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The Arms race continues

The Arms race continues

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 22, 2008

The Arms race continues

by Bo Bounds

Can you believe it? Sylvester Croom and Houston Nutt are making 1.7 million per year.
My how things have changed in just 20 years. I would guess Brewer and Felker’s salaries
combined was under 350,000k.
We talk about it all the time on Out of Bounds – it’s all about what the market bears. And with
the dough that was split in Sanddestin, FL, between the 12 SEC teams, the money should not surprise us.

With big salaries comes higher expectations – ask Mike Bianco. Here’s a question: What will be the expectations
from the fan base that sits on the 50-yard line, club level and the suites? What’s realistic in the new SEC?
Postseason play is a must….and a mid-tier bowl game is imperative every 3 to 4 years.

State and Ole Miss have better schedules this year. If Ole Miss goes to Wake Forest and wins – look out. If State
doesn’t stub its toe in Ruston, LA, the Dogs will go bowling for the second year in row under Sylvester Croom
Woody McCorvey is making 275,000 a year, and the MSU offense hasn’t finished in the top-100 since Croom got
to town. Ole Miss paid Ed Orgeron around 4.2 million without 1 big win in 3 years….Just some questions to ask
yourself as we head into the 2008 season. One thing we do know….we’ll have all the DRAMA we can stand this fall.

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